Today, as Crescent Lufkin, the brand is a market leader for measuring products from Apex Tool Group, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world. The extensive Crescent Lufkin line of products includes power tapes, rules, long tapes, oil gauging tapes, measuring wheels, and one of the widest selections of special-purpose tapes and rules available for commercial and industrial use.


Crescent Lufkin measuring products are among the more than 2,600 quality hand tool products offered under the Crescent name – products professional tradespeople know they can count on to get the job done right.


The brand enlisted MAW’s help in order to produce an above-the-line brand campaign with teeth that would differentiate them from competitors in the market, increase sales and pave the way for a new long-term brand direction. The campaign needed to be:


  • Funny

  • In alignment with tradie values and interests

  • Highly engaging

  • Highly shareable in a digital space


Australians are patriotic by nature. We love hearing about a snag on the barbie and cold frothy almost as much as we enjoy them in practice. In order to differentiate Crescent Lufkin from its competitors, we sought to highlight two key brand POD’s:


  1. Crescent Lufkin is the only Australian manufactured tape measure in the market

  2. Crescent Lufkin supports Australian jobs


But we needed a campaign spokesperson, someone with authority in the ‘Australiana’ cultural sphere. Enter Sam Kekovich, MLA’s ‘Lambassador’ of more than 10 years. We secured Kekovich as the man to remind Aussie tradies that Australian made tape measures are: “Better quality, better for our economy and the only real tape measure for tradies”.


We knew that Sam Kekovich would need to call out tradies who are un-Australian; this is his brand. But what is ‘un-Australian’? In this case, ‘un-Australian’ means being bad on the tools, a salad munching hipster, or a dropkick who buys tape measures manufactured overseas.


We sought to remind viewers of Sam’s past advertisements with MLA, whilst carving a new space in the viewers mind.


With the the following paid channels in mind: Facebook, Instagram, EDM (customer and brand), and YouTube, MAW set out to conceptualise, deliver creative assets, plan and execute the production of the “Does Your Mate Measure Up” campaign assets in time for an Australia Day launch - 6 weeks from briefing.


Timing is everything and in order to capitalise on Sam Kekovich’s celebrity, we launched hero video the morning after the MLA Australia Day advertisement.


With an advertising spend fractional to that of MLA’s campaign, the ‘Does Your Mate Measure Up?’ campaign surpassed total digital campaign views.


The Crescent Lufkin Australian Made campaign achieved the following results: 


Total campaign views through Facebook (20s or more): 700,000

Total campaign views through YouTube: 86,900 (organic)


Total reach: 1,500,000+

Total shares: 1,500+

Total reactions: 2,000+

Total comments & tags: 1,200+


Positive sentiment ratio: 97.8% positive feedback from commenters

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